[Ansteorra] HL Louis le Blaireau !

seeker offun s2eker_offun at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 17 08:02:47 PDT 2007

  HL Louis le Blaireau has been offered membership
into the Order of Chivalry!!! Hazah !!

Vivat Your Majesty,
Vivat Louis.

SCA knighthood is not just a merit badge for the
toughest stick jock; it is a recognition of general
achievement equivalent to that of every other peer in
the Society. 
Christofer de Hoyland

by Countess AElflaed of Duckford

The finest knights, young and old, have that within
them which sets them apart from their lesser brothers,
which draws some to them and repels others. They have
integrity. They have a foundation of carefully laid
truth, self-knowledge, an examined sense of duty and a
clarity about where duty is owed. They have
compassion, patience, a store of experience through
which to filter their thoughts and with which to
counsel others. They are open to new and changing
belief, never declaring themselves whole and finished
men, and thereby are themselves closer to whole and
finished than those who feel that their own growth is
done, their manhood complete.
We all knew that this would happen someday, I cannot
think of anyone who deserves this Honor more.

 Though we only met last spring In my view you have
always shown the qualities that make a knight. Keep up
the excelent example to us all. We are all very proud
of you.

 Louis we know you will wear the Belt and Chain well.


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