[Ansteorra] Spang Pattern on Beltane Website

sandra goodrich tgnst at swbell.net
Mon Mar 19 10:49:51 PDT 2007

SpangHewn--To fling anything, most especially a frog, from the end of a stick...:-)
  BlackStars are out, The Spang/ Frog pattern that is currently on our web page is not the one we will be using... We'll see if Master Ulf will fix this for us, :-)... the new one will have 'authorized' on it...:-)
  Any other pattern than the one approved will not be 'authorized' for hewing, i.e. 'flinging from the end of a stick'...
  We are not hosting a  'decorated spang' contest this year...
  Thanks!...'Stacia, Co Steward     :-)

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