[Ansteorra] Spang Pattern on Beltane Website

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No disrespect is intended here but a spang is a spang is a spang. You can't 
really demand that everyone make them from just the pattern you prefer. 
There is no rule or law specifying the exact pattern for a spang. The whole 
purpose of Beltane is to celebrate spring and to have fun. Requiring that 
others use only your pattern is less than generous and not in the spirit of 
the game we strive so hard to play with chivalry and honor. As long as they 
are roughly the same size and shape what does it matter?

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> SpangHewn--To fling anything, most especially a frog, from the end of a 
> stick...:-)
>  BlackStars are out, The Spang/ Frog pattern that is currently on our web 
> page is not the one we will be using... We'll see if Master Ulf will fix 
> this for us, :-)... the new one will have 'authorized' on it...:-)
>  Any other pattern than the one approved will not be 'authorized' for 
> hewing, i.e. 'flinging from the end of a stick'...
>  We are not hosting a  'decorated spang' contest this year...
>  Thanks!...'Stacia, Co Steward     :-)
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