[Ansteorra] Questions about a Crown roadtrip

Deana Covel dmcovel79 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 19 15:30:01 PDT 2007


  Crown Tournament is coming up quickly.  I know
people like going to Crown, but I also know that 5+
hour road trips can deter many people’s ability to
   So I was wondering if there would be enough
interest from people to charter a bus from the DFW
area to Crown Tournament?  Similar to the trip to
Arron & Britta's coronation.

   I've received a few quotes. If 50 people would like
to go, it would cost about $40.00 - $45.00 per person.
The bus holds 56 total.  (Room will be made for the
fighters’ armor.)

   The second question is, if enough people what to
go, when would they want to leave?  The cost of the
bus would not change if we left Friday night or
Saturday morning, but there would be the hotel room
cost for a Friday night trip.
  I need a rough head count by Wednesday March 21.
Sorry for the short notice and I know many people are
recovering from War. But so far only about 10 people
from the metro area have been able to respond.

 Thank you. 
 In Service,
  Lady Hanna von Dahl

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