[Ansteorra] Semi-OT question... advice sought on vehicles suitible for Ansteorra camping events...

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 19 17:53:42 PDT 2007

> > As far as 4WD is concerned, if you're going to go to
> > Gulf Wars at some point, I'd suggest it for that. 
> >>From what I understand the site is still a little
> > rough since Hurricane Katrina.  

Been to Gulf Wars this and last year, and had no problem getting my Nissan Altima in and out of
the site since the hurricane damage; thanks in great part to the workcrews from Ansteorra and
other participating kingdoms that took time off before the war last year to go up and clear the

One particularly rainy war, some folks had to be pushed out of the parking lot at a muddy
intersection, but my Altima has front wheel drive, so no problem.  We tend to have a high clay
content mix in our dirt, makes for slippery roads when not graveled; but I've only had to be
pushed out of a site 3 or 4 times in my near 20years of playing.  

As you have a family, hence hauling more gear, a pickup, with optional 4x4, is a good standard in
Ansteorra, and with towing package, will let you assist your branch with hauling goods to the
event site or your neighbors event site.   The other car can remain a simple sedan for day to day
travels, San Antonio is pretty urbanized.   

As for tents, if you can manage a full period-style canvas tent, great.  I own a half-canvas,
half-nylon sides, with plastic base Sear's "Hillary" tent, and have been very happy with it - it's
my third; except for the broken plastic zipper - must repair.  A lot of folks lately have been
doing the carport tents with dagged fabric toppers to create a faux-period tent, with the
convenience of waterproofing their gear, and the space advantage.  

Bjornsborg has a lot of fun, great Viking's there, you'll enjoy the SCA there, and we'll see you
round Ansteorra, 
Hillary, Stargate

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