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Mon Mar 19 18:30:18 PDT 2007

>Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 00:33:15 GMT
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>Subject: [Ansteorra] need info for demo
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>Jonathan and I are doing our duty. Working at the All-Con demo. They have asked me to do
>something about early SCA history. I know Stargate became a barony in 1973 and shortly after
>Steppes became a Shire. Did Richard Mont-Royal ( the short)  have anything to do with the
>founding of Stargate? 

I'm not familiar with Richard Mont-Royal's name in relation to the history of Stargate's founding.
 But I will pass your inquiry along to Mstr. Annes, Stargate Historian, and to Baroness Phillippa
Rookhaven, a holder of memory from those days.   Perhaps they can answer.  

I believe that all the original founders of Stargate were eventually included in the first orders
of Stargate, the Misty Star or the Astral Clarion.  Richard is not included in those orders.   

For those wondering, the first new branch in a state with no other branches, is automatically
deamed a 'Barony' (or it was in those times).  I looked in Corpora, didn't find a rule, it's
probably specified in one of the policy documents.  If Steppes had submitted requirements first,
it would have been named a barony, and Stargate the shire. 

Cheers, Hillary

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