[Ansteorra] Gulf Wars lost and found

Dave Wise drwise at houston.rr.com
Tue Mar 20 08:53:41 PDT 2007

Hi all, just wanted to drop a quick note to see if I can track down some 
weapons that wandered off at the war.  I had a stack of personal weapons 
at the Ansteorran Royal pavilion on the field that were still there 
saturday evening after the pavilion had come down.  When I went to pick 
them up sunday morning, the shields were all there, but the weapons were 
gone.  They included my single handed sword that has the all steel cross 
hilt, a blue and white headed rattan clacker mace, a rawhide greataxe 
and glaive with blue and white checky pattern.  There was also an all 
black fiberglass spear with a solid red head on it (Ulsted's).  If 
someone knows where they got off to, please let me know so I make 
arrangements to get them home.  Thanks in advance.

 Sir Alexis LaBouche

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