[Ansteorra] So for we who live vicariously...

Pádraig Ruad Ó Maolagáin padraig_ruad at irishbard.org
Tue Mar 20 14:47:24 PDT 2007

Dear Lady, that IS a bard's tale, and a fine one as well.  No tale worth
telling consists of merely a single moment.  Well, not to an Ansteorran
bard, at least.  ;-)

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Gerita wrote:
> Moments of glory!  She wants moments of glory!
> Well, you'll have to look to the fighters for the perfectly-timed rescues
> and other tales of derring-do, and I'm sure they were present aplenty, as
> in
> years past.
> For me, the moments of glory were small.  They consisted of things like:
> 	The injured child who spent her entire day with us at Chirurgeons'
> Point (by permission), counting and packing away our supplies.  True, she
> couldn't participate in her usual activities, but she gave up her day to
> help do a necessary but truly thankless job, and did it with good humor
> and
> never a murmur of complaint.
> 	The look on Enoch Crandall McCrannon's face when the King offered
> him a Mentor Chirurgeon's baldric.
> 	The King that took pity on a minion who had lost most of her voice
> and carried on promoting Chirurgeons in Training to Chirurgeons in Court
> without a whimper.
> 	The banners everywhere in encampments.  Elfsea was just ablaze this
> year, and Axemore had looooonnngg, fluttering banners on long poles above
> the tents that were just beautiful.
> 	People who pitched in and helped one another without being asked.
> Everything from grabbing the arm of a tottering lone lady to hauling huge
> burdens, all just for the sake of helping another person.
> 	Merchants who gave truly NICE gifts for the volunteer hours drawing,
> and all of them were.  They get nothing for this.  No tax write-off, no
> gate
> discount; just a little sign that says they gave something.  Volunteers
> don't usually work for the chance to receive these gifts in the Saturday
> drawing, but they appreciate them all the same.
> 	The many, many people who gave literally thousands of hours to make
> Gulf Wars what it was.
> 	Rushing up from Chirurgeon's Point to stand by the road as our
> Stellar Army marched off to battle...and then noticing the 40-or-so who
> joined the column from another road. (Ok, so I cry easily)
> None of these items can stand alone in a bard's tale, but each of them
> caused my heart to swell for just a moment (or more). I count each of them
> as moments of glory that helped cement an event into an Event.
> HL Gerita della Mara
> Carolle Cox
> Japanese Chin Rescue and Care Volunteer
> Dallas North-west coordinator
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> added
> to the ages of other women.  -- Diane de Poitiers (1499 - 1566)

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