[Ansteorra] Festival of Fools

Melissa Baxter mbaxter66 at satx.rr.com
Wed Mar 21 16:14:10 PDT 2007

This year's Festival of Fools event will be helping to further the fine art
of Gurning. First known from the village of Egremont's Crab Fair, which was
established by Royal Charter in 1267, gurning in fact, enjoyed widespread
popularity throughout the north of England up until the 20th century. My
grandfather was an expert gurner who could scare the warts off a witch, or
make me laugh till I cried.

In order to honor this most ancient and venerable art I will be sponsoring a
Gurning Competition to be held at Bjornsborg Festival of Fools event to be
held 30 March-1April. Competition will be held on the Saturday evening under
the VBFT. Prizes will be awarded for 'oogliest' and for 'most comical'. If
there are enough entries more prizes may be awarded. Each competitor may
pull no more than 2 'faces' and each 'face' should last 30 seconds. Most
gurners give names to their 'faces'. Judging is by the loudness of the
audience's reaction, so bring your loudest friends with you.

Don't put off entering because you think you're beautiful, the idea is to
change your face into its 'oogliest' expression, and if you've already got
an 'oogly mug' how much 'ooglier' can you get? I hope to see this answered
at the competition!!! (I have people in mind here, but won't publicly name

Also this competition allows all to compete; for example, Heavy fighters to
compete on a level footing with Rapier, the service community, the A&S
crowd, women vs. men, everyone against each other. Challenges are allowed.

So I challenge one and all, I want to see your 'oogliest mug'.

Lady Debora of Durham.

Translation: oogly = ugly; mug = face.


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