[Ansteorra] Targeting Japanese (Re: Armor inspections at Gulf Wars)

Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace sirlyonel at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 22 07:56:55 PDT 2007

Salut cozyns,

Warning. The following contains speculation and should not be quoted as 

The Trimaran side had an entire household of fighters in black lacquered 
bushi armor. They played against us in the 50-on-50 
hockey/ogre-ball/capture-the-flag game on Thursday, and they proved 
themseves an excellent spear team. They took shots a little harder than most 
of the Trimarans, so possibly they were from another kingdom. In any case, 
on Friday I overheard some grumblings about them being truly thick and 
refusing to take shots. I honestly don't who these guys were. They were 
allies, not Ansteorrans. I argued that I had not had any trouble getting the 
Japanese contingent to take shots, but the grumblers insisted and proceeded 
to regale me with anecdotes to prove that the Japanese group was a bunch of 
evil rhinos.

That MIGHT have been the source of a targeted attack on the Japanese. 
Honestly, I doubt that this happened. More likely, someone else overheard 
the grumblings and miscommunicated this as "someone on the Ansteorran side 
is out to hurt the Japanese."

I hope this serves as sufficient rumor control. If anyone has specific 
information about a fighter or fighters who claim to be gunning for fighters 
in Japanese armor, I'd like to hear about it offlist.


En Lyonel
Impedimentum via est
(The obstacle is the path)

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>You were told that he was targeted because he plays Japanese?
>While there are not many of us who play Japanese in Ansteorra, there are a
>few. And there were (judging from the pictures I have seen, I wasnt able to
>go ) more japanese than ever at this years war. 4 Japanese Knights, and
>numerous others including an entire household that fought as a unit. Clan
>Hanashi, i believe.
>I certainly hope that whoever told you this was mistaken.
>Thank You,
>Ld. Odawara Taro Yoshinobu
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