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I once had a gentleman suggest to me that I make one of those medieval 'doctor' masks (the one that looks like a freakish bird) so that I could breathe my "fumes" from my nebulizer and still be period.  While everyone around me stood with jaws agape at the audacity and rudeness of this ill-thought remark, I thanked him for his kind suggestion and told him that I would "take it under advisement".  He could not escape fast enough.  Gave me a laugh, though.  It's not my favorite thing to do, having to use a nebulizer at an event.  The ladies' restroom might afford me some privacy, but it is usually overcrowded and full of hairspray and perfume, which are counter-productive to the treatments.  Therefore, I am usually left to find a plug in the most unobtrusive place that I can find.  A necessary evil, but one does what one must.
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I would like to make an apology to all people who need to keep their car near 
them for health reasons. Most of the people who have problems in the SCA really 
try to keep the mundane out of their camps. I have seen them carefully hide 
their cars behind their tent and I even know of lady who made an Ansteorra cover 
for her  car . They also usually display the handicap sticker. I have had to sit 
by the road waiting for a ride to make it to my tent. I am sitting with other 
good gentles I see them making it to the far corner of the field. They go that 
far away from the tourney field or activities just to preserve the mood of the 
event. I admire their courtesy and their guts. Walking that far can be very 
painful. Many of our people with health problems are our best citizens of the 
I want to make something very clear. If you need it for your health it is OK if 
it is mundane. Put a pretty cover on your scooter or ribbons, but don't go crazy 
trying to make it into a period cart. Now if you do because you want to it would 
be neat. If you need special shoes wear them. You might try to get them in 
black, but white is the color Ok. We put up with many things that are 
mundane.Putting up a with necessary evil so good people can play is an act of 
courtesy that all real Ansteorrans should be willing to make. Forsaking our 
ideals of honor , courtesy and chivalry drive more people away then white shoes 
or scooters. 
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