[Ansteorra] Hard hitters (was Re: Armor inspections at GulfWars)

Lori Campbell countesskat at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 23 15:30:58 PDT 2007

> SirRey wrote:
> We believe "directed touch" to mean any shot moving into the face. 
> It must have positive force but it doesn't have to be as hard as 
> say a leg shot.
> We have open faced helms (the Chain Drape hasn't really caught on
> here).  Thrust are suppose to be touch to the face. If I touch your
> grill with a thrust then it's a kill.  If I have to push in far
> enough to reach your face which may be 4-6" farther back it's going
> to be more than a touch.

Well... I'm Ansteorran and that's a pretty decent explanation of how I
was taught to call a face shot (assumed chain drape and all - because
I've been shown that a spear point will go right through one of those).

My take on it was always that if I am careless or inept enough to leave
my face open and you manage to hit me there you deserve to win. I
mean... it's my *face* you know? A heavy edged blade striking me there,
even with minimal force, that's pretty debilitating. 

Face shot calibration has always been a rather regional issue in this
kingdom.  I imagine it is quite confusing to our opponents in any
multi-kingdom war, to have some of us call just a shade harder than a
touch and others calling almost full contact.

~ Kat
(MacLochlainn, Wiesenfeuer)

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