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Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace sirlyonel at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 23 18:26:36 PDT 2007

Salut cozyns,

Her Grace Duchess Willow dit qe:

>Chain mail drape? I remember when we took that out of the rules because it 
>caused confusion. Did we put it back?

Well, I can't imagine what confusion it would cause, but it's been there 
since I first arrived in Ansteorra fourteen years ago. The Participant's 
Handbook, Section 2. II. A says:

In judging the effect of blows, all Combatants are presumed to be fully 
armored. Fully
armored is presumed protection for the purpose of acknowledging blows. A 
fully armored
combatant is presumed to be wearing a lightweight, mid-arm sleeved, 
mid-thigh length,
riveted mail hauberk over a padded gambeson, with boiled leather arm and leg 
defenses. An
open-faced iron Spangenhelm, with a nasal, covering the back and sides of 
the head is the
standard in Ansteorra. A light, riveted, mail drape is considered to be the 
only covering of the
face from just below the eyes to just below the chin.

Pertinent to the current discussion and to show that this is not a question 
of interkingdom anthropology, the Gleann Abhann Marshal's Handbook defines 
Fully Armored as:

For the purposes of acknowledging blows, a fully armored fighter is presumed 
to be wearing a light-weight, short sleeved, knee length, riveted mail 
hauberk over a padded gambeson, with boiled leather arm and leg defenses and 
an open faced iron helm with a nasal. (The helm may be presumed to include a 
very light chain mail drape --- permitting vision and resisting cuts by a 
mere touch of a bladed weapon.)

lo vostre per vos servir,
Meser Lyonel Oliver Grace
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