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As I read a. and b. below I come to the word FACE ..... My bars are not my FACE, they are an unattractive, mundane safety feature protruding from my otherwise period helm. This, to me, means that I do not call all blows that touch or strike my bars, but rather any blow that would have made impact with my FACE if the afore mentioned safety feature was not in place. Also, I personally believe the term "directed touch" to be inadequate and vague, or at least the "directed" portion. If "directed" is meant to read intentional... then it should read intentional. I would however point out that some of the most grievous and/or glorious blows I have received were not intended to strike where they did, and it should not be left to me to decide where my opponent intended to strike me.... only that they did, and with adequate force. If "directed" means with enough force or extension to strike my FACE (intentionally or not), and would have struck it if it were not for those pesky bars I
 spoke of earlier..... then refer to my first two sentences. This is how I have dealt with this in the past, but I would love more input from the rest of the fighting community.
  In service,
  Lord Lochlan Dunn
  Knight Marshal Elfsea
  a. Under this standard, an acceptable cutting blow to the face would be 
lighter than to other portions of the head or body. Areas deemed illegal to 
strike (the wrists from 1 inch [25.4mm] above the hands, from 1 inch 
[25.4mm] above the knees and below) shall be considered safe from all 
b. The minimum effective thrusting blow to the face shall be a directed 
touch and the maximum shall be substantially lighter than to other parts of 
the body.

That "directed touch" statement is read by some to mean any deliberate shot 
to the face that touches the grill. In accordance with the standards, 
however, a thrust to the face that just reaches far enough to tough the 
grill without being hard enough to impart any momentum to the recipient's 
helm is a thrust that never would have reached the face if the grill had not 
been present. I don't know what your knight had in mind, Bors, but I teach 
my squires to take shots according to the armor standard.

En Lyonel
Impedimentum via est
(The obstacle is the path)

>Gleann Abhann fighters tend to take pretty
>light shots, including anything that touches the face of a helm as a kill.
>Back when I was a pup learning how to fight, my knight told me that any 
>that hits my grill I better call or he would make sure I would the next
>time. To this day, I will call anything touching my grill no matter how 
>light or
>heavy. Just the way I was taught.
>Baron Bors of Lothian
>Baron Loch Soillier
>Maillet d'un Dieu
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