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To some extent what we do it not something that everyone will be able to do.
Camping for a week even in an area like Gulf Wars with limited electricity
and water is not possible for some of us. And as our events have gotten
bigger and have offered more and more activities, we have limited ourselves
to a very few sites in each area that can handle our group.

As to ADA, I am not a lawyer, but when the issue came up at Gulf War a
couple of years ago, it was determined that ADA did not apply to us as we
don't offer our events to the general public and we are a private club. Just
as you don't have to make your home meet ADA requirements, a private club
does not need to do so. Larry (the owner of the Gulf War site) does not have
to meet ADA because he also does not offer services to the general public
(at least at the campground). He only contracts with groups for their
members to use the grounds.

The staff of our events try very hard to accommodate everyone. But there
will always be some who are just not capable of camping with us at some
sites. It is a fact of life. But we have to choose sites that are attractive
to the most people and will be able to support the numbers of people and the
range of activities those people want to do. The ADA law requires those who
are covered by it to make a reasonable effort to accommodate people with
disabilities. It does not require them to make all activities available to
all people. That is not possible. 

All that said, I want as many of my friends to enjoy all the events as can
find a way to enjoy them. And many, many have found it possible to enjoy
Gulf War with medical issues. I will do what I can to help them.

Caelin on Andrede

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why do  groups still continually chose sites that are way beyond accessible?
By the  way guys... The ones picking the sites to use is as liable for suit
as the  site owners over the accessibility of the site.

   I agree that there is a legal and a moral issue to provide  services to
the handicapped participants at our events but the problem as I see  it is
that there are becoming fewer and fewer sites that meet not only the
qualifications for camping, fighting, horses, archery and merchandising, but
also the needs of our disabled neighbors.  The alternative isn't  pretty.  I
can see sometime in the future, with the complete lack of  adequate sites
available and the sword of lawsuits hanging over the BODs heads,  that the
Society will no longer be able to hold camping events. Either that  or the
cost of the site will become so prohibitive that it would be cheaper to
stay in a local motel. 
According to my wife- that isn't such a bad thing.
    The one solution would be to have corporate land upon  which each
kingdom can provide to it's members, but due to the legalities of our
structure- it ain't going to happen.
Baron Loch  Soillier
Maillet d'un Dieu

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