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     WRONG. The SCA does have to abide by the ADA as announced by the
BOD. The only Private Clubs exempt from the ADA are those established
before 1965 and are allowed to Discriminate by Race, Sex or disability,
That is not the SCA. I showed this to the BOD 2 1/2 years ago when they
threatened to banish me (which is illegal falls under Retalitory law and
could get the SCA shut down as well as any local
branches/baronies/kingdoms) , they showed it to their attny's who said
"HE IS RIGHT" then they apologized to me publicly and announced on all
the lists the SCA is not immune to the A.D.A.. There are accessible
sites out there. Like Gulf Wars.. he makes money hand over fist for us
using that site. They could fix the site to become A.D.A. compliant. He
can not claim private property because by Federal law if he rents it to
a group that has public access (we have public access anyone can join
and does not require membership, anyone can go to Gulf wars if they pay
at the gate) then he MUST BE A.D.A. Compliant. There should be no room
for a Event Site to be advertised as "NOT HANDICAPPED FRIENDLY" nor
state "Service animals must have prior Authorization" Or  "Certification
for Service Animals required". I have very well studied the A.D.A. Law
and all Case law for it. This group is not immune and the BOD announced
it. Just because "The Gulf Wars Crew" decided they are immune does not
make it so. The BOD is asking for people to REPORT groups ignoring the
A.D.A. and yes Gulf Wars site has been brought up. This is why they are
coming up with a list of guidelines for sites. 

     Actually here in the Northern Region I have given a list of
Handicapped accessible sites to almost all the groups. These are
approved and inspected A.D.A. Compliant sites. Most are cheaper, better
condition and allow more than the sites still used today. Guess what,
not a single site I have listed has ever been inspected for use,
followed up for use or used. Its not that its lack of sites its lack of
drive and want to... it's the "Well we have used this site for forever
and no one has said anything" mentality.

Chass Brown A.K.A. 

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To some extent what we do it not something that everyone will be able to
Camping for a week even in an area like Gulf Wars with limited
and water is not possible for some of us. And as our events have gotten
bigger and have offered more and more activities, we have limited
to a very few sites in each area that can handle our group.

As to ADA, I am not a lawyer, but when the issue came up at Gulf War a
couple of years ago, it was determined that ADA did not apply to us as
don't offer our events to the general public and we are a private club.
as you don't have to make your home meet ADA requirements, a private
does not need to do so. Larry (the owner of the Gulf War site) does not
to meet ADA because he also does not offer services to the general
(at least at the campground). He only contracts with groups for their
members to use the grounds.

The staff of our events try very hard to accommodate everyone. But there
will always be some who are just not capable of camping with us at some
sites. It is a fact of life. But we have to choose sites that are
to the most people and will be able to support the numbers of people and
range of activities those people want to do. The ADA law requires those
are covered by it to make a reasonable effort to accommodate people with
disabilities. It does not require them to make all activities available
all people. That is not possible. 

All that said, I want as many of my friends to enjoy all the events as
find a way to enjoy them. And many, many have found it possible to enjoy
Gulf War with medical issues. I will do what I can to help them.

Caelin on Andrede

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