[Ansteorra] SCA, the ADA, and all of us

george basore murray_kinsman at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 24 22:46:16 PDT 2007

Good Morning, Ansteorra,
 I am sitting here, just finished reading my e-mail.
Once again, the discussion of ADA compliance has come
up, as it does every spring, as the event season
  It is time to accept hard reality. Yes, the ADA
applies to the SCA, Yes, there ARE ADA-compliant sites
in Northern Ansteorra that are as good if not better
than where we are currently using, not enough
difference in miles to worry about, and in the same
price range, Just as Milord Charinthalis Del Sans has 
pointed out.
  This begs the question, "Why has noone bothered to
check them out"?
  There is no GOOD answer to that question, by the
  We, as a kingdom, have talked this into the ground.
It is time for action on the part of those responsible
for the events.
  Autocrats,Seneschals,Barons, that  is you.
  It is also time for action by the populace. The rank
and file Ansteorrans.
  That, is the rest of us.
  Leaders, take charge and LEAD. the rest of us should
be reminding the leaders, and VOLUNTEERING to help
find these sites, and checking them out.
  Let's get proactive on this. Don't drag your feet,
waiting for BOD to come down from on high, get in this
as an agent of change. A positive force to lead the
society to new highs of attendance and membership. The
more people join the society, the larger is the brain
pool of helpers as well as leaders to make this an
even better place to belong.
  It seems to me, that if we could do this simple
thing, it would heal alot of wounded feelings, soothe
some jangled nerves,and ,just maybe, put an end to the
combative atmosphere that currently hovers about, when
this topic arises, thus allowing us to put this issue,
and all of the hard feelings behind us, for good.
  Hey, y'know what? Doesn't that sound like the
Arthurian brand of Chivalry which we, as a society,
have striven to recreate?

              Ld Adm Robert Haddock:; Ansteorran Royal Navy, Ret.
  Ansteorra expects we do our duty. You cannot do more. 
  To do your duty is to do everything, exactly right. 

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