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Chass charinthalis at sbcglobal.net
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Again see the msg they put in all flyers "Not Handicapped Friendly". I
worked with them on changing the flyer so they didn't violate the law
over their Service dog Policy. My part of the problem with the site is a
lady 2 years ago was stuck on the main trail for 2 hours while on her
way to the porta-johns. She had several people walk by her and offer no
assistance. Since I broke my back I have not been able to attend but we
do plan on attending next year with my reasonable accommodations and the
BOD in tow :)

Chass Brown A.K.A. 

Charinthalis Del Sans of the portable chariot. 

Honorable Recruiter of the House of the Red Shark.

Muddeler of Mead

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Personally I'm curious as to how the site was not generally accessible.
There was a handicapped camping area with electricity access &
accessible porta potties.  The streets were well over 36" wide ;-}
Were there no handicap accessible showers?  What was the problem?

Just curious,
Ceallach mac Donal

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