[Ansteorra] Gulf Wars Profits was Re: New Trend flyer apology

Chass charinthalis at sbcglobal.net
Sun Mar 25 11:09:07 PDT 2007

Is he not making anything? He has to be making something or he wouldn't
be renting the site. Are not Merchants their baby only and all profit
from them coming goes directly to the site owner? Does he not have his
own camp Store? He is making money lol. Lets face it if he wasn't making
money he wouldn't rent it or would raise his prices.

Chass Brown A.K.A. 

Charinthalis Del Sans of the portable chariot. 

Honorable Recruiter of the House of the Red Shark.

Muddeler of Mead

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You'll notice I retitled this thread right?  I'm not asking about ADA
stuff.  I was inquiring about people's "certain knowledge" that the
owner is
making tons of money off of us, and as such, owe's us consideration.
I don't mind you continuing on your thread, I wished to start a
line of conversation, a tangent if you will.


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