[Ansteorra] Gulf Wars Profits was Re: New Trend flyer apology

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How do *you* know *what* kind of profit he's making?  Are you in the IRS?
Have you audited his returns?  You are just guessing, and then demanding
that he spends the profit you've guessed about.  There are a lot of parts of
that site that needs work/improvement, and I'm certain as the owner he has
to find ways to make it happen and still provide for himself and his


On 3/25/07, Chass <charinthalis at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> I recant ok... He is making a reasonable (read good here) profit how is
> that? Now that we are done splitting hairs on that one statement can we
> get back to the meat of the original discussion? Like why has he not
> bothered to update the site with non-skid pathways so people don't get
> stuck?
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> The point, my lord, is that your initial statement contained the
> hyperbolic statement that he was making money "hand over fist", not that
> he was merely making a reasonable profit.  There is a radically
> different implication in these statements.  If indeed they were making
> money hand-over-fist then it would be reasonable to expect them to go
> farther to make greater strides in various improvements on the site.
> Sir Morgan
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