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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sun Mar 25 12:55:21 PDT 2007

On Mar 25, 2007, at 2:20 PM, Chass wrote:

> How do you know he is not? Why are you trying to distract from the
> original conversation so adamantly?

How is he distracting from the original conversation? That thread is  
still there. He simply brought up a new question. One in which I  
really would like to hear the answer to, irrespective of any  
handicapped access concerns.

> He is making profit that's simple.

I've heard similar comments about Coopers Lake and Pennsic for years.  
I simply think folks aren't aware of many of the costs which the site  
fees pay for. Yes, both are making profits and much of that profit is  
getting poured into site improvements which increases their personal  
or family wealth, but is it excessive? Probably depends upon  
individual opinions. Compare it to corporate officers salaries, for  

> He should fix up the site, that also is simple.

It is? Would most people prefer to see paved roads and paths, such as  
you suggested (demanded?) or would they prefer a better water system  
with consistent water pressure and non-dilapidated showers? I would  
definitely vote for the latter, and I suspect most of the people  
going to Gulf Wars would likewise. I'm not a construction contractor,  
but I suspect that the water supply and showers would be much cheaper  
to change than the roads.

> There are min standards
> for a camp site ,and since he rents to a group yes it is a camp  
> site, he
> should follow and should have followed.

There are? Please send me a copy of these or at least a link to them,  
preferably with some description, and I will be happy to add them to  
the Florilegium so that Event Stewards or those considering sites for  
SCA use can have these to refer to. Even though I am considered  
handicapped by many standards, I would have a difficult time  
detailing what a perfect site for all handicapped folks  with a wide  
variety of disabilities would be.

> The more people he opens his
> site up to the more money he makes. Simple logic.

No it isn't. If it costs more to open up the site to additional  
people compared to the money it will bring in, it isn't simple.

> Again if he was not
> making a profit he wouldn't be having the Events. And in most cases
> A.D.A. Compliance Modifications is TAX DEDUCTABLE.

Paving all the roads on the site would be tax deductible? Somehow I  
doubt that. Would cobblestones solve the handicapped access concerns?  
They would certainly be more in keeping with a period appearance than  

> If you wish to
> continue this nit pick Let us do it offlist so as not to take up these
> good peoples time.

Okay. My email address is in my sig. line below.

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