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On Mar 25, 2007, at 4:53 PM, medicfem at aol.com wrote:

> Lovely idea for a general changing room/ tent. Got to use that next  
> time I autocrat!

I like the idea. Now that the Bryn Gwlad events are being held in  
town at Don Shamino's site, my wife and I have been daytripping more  
rather than hassling with putting up a pavilion 20 minutes from home.  
One of the problems about not having a pavilion is having a place to  
change, either from or into mundane clothing or from one type of  
period clothing to another as the temperature changes or something  
gets dirty. So I like this idea of having a changing area.

However, we often have trouble finding enough pavilions for just the  
main requirements, gate, list field, A&S display etc. and this  
requires, I assume, two more.

> I have been thinking about hiding the blue privies for sometimes.  
> Is that wierd? I have actually considered using cloth to cover the  
> blue port-o-potties on three sides.  I had a dream, I was on a  
> ladder and I was covering those necessary things in canvas. Now  
> that is wierd!

Several years ago, a group down near the lake at Pennsic near where I  
camp, covered one of the plastic privies with decorated, red cloth  
coverings making it look like one of the older British telephone  
booths.  Sorta clashes with the medieval feel as well, but cute. So  
it is possible to do something like this. I'm not sure what medieval  
motif would work though.

There is this Florilegium file, but alas nothing in it about  
decorating them.
privvies-msg      (10K)  8/29/02    Managing privvies at SCA events.

> I little over the top humm...
> Caley

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