[Ansteorra] SCA, the ADA, and all of us

Elaine Starkey elainestarkey at camalott.com
Sun Mar 25 10:09:54 PDT 2007

the following is an unsolitiated, politically incorrect opinion, and will 
probably get me flamed.

there are just sometimes when i resent the extra cost that i have to pay for 
a site to insure that there is electricity when i need none, handicap 
portajohns when i can use a regular one, ramps when i do perfectly well on 
steps,  an air conditioned hall and kitchen when i cook in camp, needing no 
special food or a place to cool off.

and i resent the long hours driving and researching i have put in trying to 
find good sites at reasonable rates, to hear people who have never gotten 
off their dead butts to autocrat or volunteer to do much of anything, carp 
about the sites that i've found.  (it's too far.  it's too dusty.  it's not 
yada yada yada).

most days i will smile and try to accomodate those who feel they are less 
fortunate than i in terms of heath, happiness, money, intelligence, race, 
sex, place of birth, religion, and all those other you gotta gimme reasons, 
but all should know that it gets old, real old at times.


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