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At 12:33 PM 3/26/2007, you wrote:
>See a reasonable solution. Don't know how that could be handled because
>isn't there a rule in the SCA about monies going into the improvement of
>land not owned by the SCA? Well unless it is held by someone who is not
>a treasurer or etc right? This is a valid idea and thank you hun.
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I believe you will find that the SCA and/or Kingdom rules forbid 
improvements to privately owned property  to be funded with official 
SCA funds because it is a solution that would jeopardize the SCA's 
status as a 501(c)3 and, depending on Texas law, the non-profit 
status of the group as well

When there were desired improvements for the Estrella War site in 
Atenveldt the SCA could not fund them directly - I believe a separate 
non-profit group was formed that did not take any funds directly from 
the SCA and they raised money and made improvements.


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>This may be an entirely silly idea, but...
>Perhaps it would be worth inquiring/determining what **actual** costs
>in improving the Ansteorran section of the Gulf War site might be, to
>make it
>ADA compliant. Then, with that goal in mind, ask each group in the
>Kingdom to
>hold some sort of raffle or other fundraising during the next year, to
>share the cost across the Kingdom? Perhaps extend the challenge to the
>primary GW Kingdoms? This would assist the site to become compliant, and
>owners might more easily be able to manage the remainder, if the
>kingdoms improved their areas...
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