[Ansteorra] Gulf War accessibility

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 26 15:33:01 PDT 2007

JP said: 
" I'm wanting to point out that although some people think "$50 per week!!! That's outrageous!",
they should perhaps go price out camping at other sites and see what it costs. "

I went to Pennsic last year and it was just over $100 for a week with around 25-30 hrs of driving;
so Gulf War's (GW) price looks pretty good to me.  It's my understanding that the owner of GW went
up to visit with the Cooper's who run the Pennsic site to learn from their experience; and the
Gulf War site has slowly been incorporating some of those changes, such as the small on-site store
and more site ramps.  GW is making improvements but it takes time, information and education.   

As for this year, I was told by some Gleann Abhann folk, that the GW owner is very eager to make
more site improvements, especially to remove and repair buildings damaged from the Katrina/Rita
hurricanes.  However, I was told, as those out-buildings and cabins are not residential, they are
on the low end of the review and approval process for insurance and federal aide, and that they
must be left in their post-hurricane status till appraisers can review or the owner may forfeit
reimbursement for repairs - yes, even 2 years later. 

BTW - Scribe's Point has two bathrooms/shower that are supposedly handicap accessible 24 hrs,
though it's way down by the Royal Condo's.  Tho they are not the largest of stalls, so don't know
if it would work for all wheelchairs. 


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