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> Aye Merchants are not controlled by them but I was informed when I was
> looking into it (being a merchant at Gulf) all merchanting fee's goes
> directly to the owner of the site. But again that's a little point in
> the big picture. 
> Chass Brown A.K.A. 
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As merchant coordinator for Gulf Wars for the last two years, I can tell 
you the above statement is false.  The merchant fees go into the SCA Inc 
Gulf Wars account.  All merchants are independent operators and are not 
affiliated with Kings Arrow ranch.  Kings Arrow ranch does operate a 
small store in the large building as well as a restaurant.   

In referencing the site conditions at Kings Arrow Ranch, please remember 
this area was hit hard by Katrina a year and a half ago.  They have done 
a heck of a lot to get the site back to where it is today.  Not only 
have they worked hard on the site, but have had their own lives and 
property to get back together.

Baroness Seraphina Maslowska

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