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I certainly applaud Clan Isbee for taking the initiative, and the  
expenditure of their money, and doing this.

Did they do this on just the women's side or the men's side, too? I  
was so fed up with the condition of those showers that this year I  
walked on down further and used the ones within the stockade, so I  
never knew of these improvements until now.

This is the kind of effort that can be done by groups that aren't  
within easy driving distance of Gulf Wars, although I guess it would  
be nice to be coordinated so multiple sets don't suddenly show up.

As I said, I was unaware of this until Tega's and Aingeal's  
messages.  I would have had no problem with a sign being posted at  
the shower indicating where the new improvements came from, so that  
this household at least got some word fame.

Vivat, Clan Ishee!


On Mar 26, 2007, at 10:41 PM, Montega wrote:

> Meee to! I just happened to be in there when they came in. It was good
> timing because I was on my way to Wal-Mart after the shower to buy
> what they had already done. So, Ishee, the women of Gulf War thank
> you! It's funny how much a hook on a wal can help!
> On 3/26/07, Angeal <clan_mac at charter.net> wrote:
>> That was Clan Ishee out of Gleann Abhann.  I really appreciated  
>> the stuff
>> that they donated to the bath house.
>> Aingeal
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>>> Sometimes it's the little things that count. There was a  
>>> household in
>>> particular that brought in new shower curtains and hooks for the  
>>> bath
>>> dump, I mean bath house behind Security. The shower curtains that  
>>> were
>>> there had holes SO big that you could see all but the head of the
>>> person standing in the stall. I was told the name of the household,
>>> but I can't remember! Hats off to them for replacing the "peek a  
>>> boo"
>>> shower curtains and giving us hooks to hang stuff on.
>>> Tega

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