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That's correct and the $2,000 per mile is low.  It priced out at $660 per 14 
_yards_  which is  0.0079545 of a mile.  You also have to put the gravel 
down at least twice in that first year to get it to stick.  The first layer 
embeds in the dirt.  You must also consider the fact that you'll lose some 
of the gravel to either side of the path you're laying out.

Graveling a road is a lot more work and money than it looks like.


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>Gravel roads do NOT last 15 years. It's $7000.00 this year and you get to
>write off $466.00 per year for taxes. There are maintance expensses each 
>every year that are not tax write off. If you had to barrow the money there
>interest expenesses. I think your $2000.00 per mile may be low.
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> >     Ok you want to do a little math here we go (by the way Gravel is
> >considered a nonskid pathway). Let's use your estimate for gravel $2000
> >per mile. At 3 miles is $6000, lets add another $1000 because every so
> >far they have to have a 6 foot turn around spot, $7000, Divided up
> >between 15 years = $466 per year and its able to used as a tax write off
> >in most cases.
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