[Ansteorra] Hard hitters (was Re: Armor inspections at GulfWars)

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Ever since I started fighting 27 or so years ago in Ansteorra the standard 
that has been "called" is, damage done through armor standard if weapon was 
real. So the blow will have to be of sufficient force (determined by the 
receiver) to either have killed  or disabled enough to resign. Therefore the 
blow would have to penetrate the face. A touch to the grill wont do you; 
need to move the head just a little. If people want to stop all of the fine 
point squabbling, just outlaw fiberglass spears and you wont have to worry 
about breaking someone's neck (and I am not speaking figuratively) anymore.

Sir Richard ap Morgan

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> We believe "directed touch" to mean any shot moving into the face.  It
> must have positive force but it doesn't have to be as hard as say a
> leg shot.
> We have open faced helms (the Chain Drape hasn't really caught on
> here).  Thrust are suppose to be touch to the face. If I touch your
> grill with a thrust then it's a kill.  If I have to push in far enough
> to reach your face which may be 4-6" farther back it's going to be
> more than a touch.
> Rey
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> That "directed touch" statement is read by some to mean any deliberate 
> shot
> to the face that touches the grill. In accordance with the standards,
> however, a thrust to the face that just reaches far enough to tough the
> grill without being hard enough to impart any momentum to the recipient's
> helm is a thrust that never would have reached the face if the grill had 
> not
> been present. I don't know what your knight had in mind, Bors, but I teach
> my squires to take shots according to the armor standard.
> En Lyonel
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