[Ansteorra] Carving Ivory

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If it's origin is Alaska, it's most likely fossil ivory which is not
regulated (unless things have changed in the last few years) ... it's
literally available for pickup off the ground in many locations
(particularly steam beds where it gets washed downstream over time).
visually it's very different from normal ivory, but works about the same.
so you would have to look at the piece being offered.  

One of my old co-op members moved up there to work pipeline and switched to
ivory merchant.  He 4-wheels most of summer looking for the stuff and makes
pretty decent living.  Myself, i have a nice supply of fossil mammoth and
walrus ivory he's gifted me over the years (use it in my special jewelry
work when I have my bench in operation)
this is why scrimshaw almost died out as a art form when the source species
were regulated .. and had a overnight renaissance that coincided with the
building of the alaskan pipeline ....

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I suggest exercizing substantial caution in obtaining
ivory from any source.  Because all ivory producing
animals are, to some degree or another, threatened,
endangered or managed species ivory and ivory products
are regulated by a number of different agencies. 
Deciphering these regulations can be complicated, due
to multiple enforcement agencies and a variety of
legislation/regulation pertaining to them.  The
Pacific walrus is managed by US Fish and Wildlife
Service and other international bodies.  My
understanding is that walrus ivory is not nearly so
heavily regulated as elephant ivory, but I would
suggest being quite sure of the law before getting my
hands involved in owning a piece of ivory of unknown
origin.  These are the sort of laws that are difficult
to enforce, but carry very serious penalties when
enforcement happens (much like ownership of raptor


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