[Ansteorra] Carving Ivory

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Last I heard was, that walrus ivory could be bought so long as it had been 
worked by Native Americans in that area, read Eskimos. Hence the small 
amount of art work on the ivory the dentist bought. I have not kept up with 
it much since I tend not to use such fragile handle materials in the knives 
that I make, much rather use the synthetic stuff.

Someday we will look back on this, laugh nervously and change the subject.

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>I suggest exercizing substantial caution in obtaining
> ivory from any source.  Because all ivory producing
> animals are, to some degree or another, threatened,
> endangered or managed species ivory and ivory products
> are regulated by a number of different agencies.
> Deciphering these regulations can be complicated, due
> to multiple enforcement agencies and a variety of
> legislation/regulation pertaining to them.  The
> Pacific walrus is managed by US Fish and Wildlife
> Service and other international bodies.  My
> understanding is that walrus ivory is not nearly so
> heavily regulated as elephant ivory, but I would
> suggest being quite sure of the law before getting my
> hands involved in owning a piece of ivory of unknown
> origin.  These are the sort of laws that are difficult
> to enforce, but carry very serious penalties when
> enforcement happens (much like ownership of raptor
> feathers).
> Laszlo

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