[Ansteorra] Spring Fair Tourney Rules

Brandon McDermott brandonsmcd at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 27 15:54:21 PDT 2007

.Avast ye maties,
  Thar shall be four rounds o’ fightn to be had at this Springfarrr.
  First, thar shall be sward-n-shield
Arrr ye likes that!
  Second, thar shall be a round dedicated to ARRR Lady Elfsea
  Thard, ye will fight to save yer pathetic pets skin. Polly want some arrrmor?
ohhh but not least.. thar shall be a tavern brawl, 
  so bring yer tankards, spoons, and such!!
  I will be dippn’ into me personal stash n’ booty fer yer prizes. So you’ll likem!!
  Now remember yer all PIRATES!! So briben’, stealn’, cheatn’, and lyin’ arrr expected. 
  May the most dastardly amunst ya win!!
  Capin’ Dunn
  Lord and purveyor of all I see wit me glass eye,
  knight mARRshal Elfsea

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