[Ansteorra] Emerald Tourney

Owen Van Meter ovanoff57 at clearwire.net
Wed May 2 08:56:33 PDT 2007

Greetings Good People of Ansteorra,
      Emerlad Keep is hosting "Emerald Tourney" this weekend, May 4 - 6. We would like for all that can come spend a weekend of Chivalric Rapier, Archery, A & S, Bardic and childrens activities. 
      Location is the "Overlook Park Area" on the shores of Lake Stillhouse Hollow, Belton, Texas. If you wish to come, contact me and I will send map and other particlers to you.
      Thank you for allowing this moment of your time.

                                    Lord Griffin Van Meteren
                                   Emerald Keep

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