[Ansteorra] Champions of Bonwicke Thank you (Long)

Melinda melindaaerin at suddenlink.net
Tue May 1 10:44:11 PDT 2007

Champions of Bonwicke was a fun weekend.  I appreciate each and every person
who came and enjoyed the weekend with us.  I was very happy to hear you all
had a great time. As event steward I want to thank the people that made this
event possible. I had so much help with this event and I truly do no wish to
leave anyone out so if I left you out please feel free to email me and
correct me. 
My feast stewards, Lady Clairiandra and Lady Aoife who did an absolutely
wonderful, and tasty, first feast. 
His Excellency Kainin for answering many, many questions and for his help in
handling setup and take down of the list field. 
Lord Alaric for designing the webpage for Champions and for sitting many
hours with me at gate.
Her Excellency Oriana for setting up the silent auction eBonwicke and for
the design of the beautiful t-shirts we sold at gate. If you did not get one
I believe there are still some available that she would be happy to sell to
Lord Kormak for the design and creation of our wonderful site tokens and for
running the chivalric tournament.
Honorable Lord Toshiro for running the rapier tournament.
Lord Ranmyaku for being List Master for both chivalric and rapier for his
first time with the help of Her Excellency Safiye and Her Excellency Ryah. 
Lady Beornwyn for her field heralding and first court heralding, teaching us
all to dance beautifully running the performance competition as well as many
things she did for me personally along the way. 
Honorable Lord Agnarr for running our archery tournament. 
Lord Byron and Lady George for running the knife ax and spear tournament. 
M'lady Amy for corralling eleven children for more hours than originally
intended during children's activities.
To the merchant, Lady Kyleena, Lady Anne and Honorable Lady Kate for their
donations to the prize baskets. 
Honorable Lady Serafina for a most superb dragon for the children to slay. 
Lord William, Lady Kristyan, Lord Nicholaus, Lady Liaden and Lord Bastian
for their contributions to the prize baskets when I was panicking the night
before the event that there would not be enough things to fill them. 
Last but not least to Hurricane Safiye and friends who tore down two tents
in a manner of minutes to make sure we were not in the deluge that was
quickly approaching. 
If I left anyone out I am truly truly sorry. I’m sure I will remember later
and kick myself profusely but regardless thank you for your help. 

Without every person that pitched in this event would not have been as grand
and wonderful as it was. Events like this are what make me truly remember
what the dream is and why I spend my spare time doing this. Thank you all. 

In service,
Lady Aerin of Bonwicke
Event Steward Champions of Bonwicke

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