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gail young gwynethb63 at yahoo.com
Fri May 4 06:08:32 PDT 2007

yea..what he said.

Michael Gunter <countgunthar at hotmail.com> wrote:
  >Sweet saffron wafers? I found a reference to them in an
>answers.comarticle, and wondered if anyone had every made some, and if
>it was according
>to any medieval/renaissance recipe.
>Jean Paul

Being at work I don't have access to my books but I'll offer
an opinion.
Wafres were pretty much a constant companion of the evening
meal throughout Europe. They were made with a thin batter,
often including wine, and fried thin and crisp between two metal
Wafres could be savory or sweet with additions of soft cheese,
herbs, spices and often topped with a sweet powder mixture.

Making sweet wafres with saffron is definately probable since
saffron was very common for color and flavor and would give
the wafres a golden color.

I'd have to see the recipe to make a better assumption and
would need to go through my files at home to try to find the
period version. But, with what I've been given, I would have to
say they are period.


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