[Ansteorra] Loch Guardian Pictures

Mike Dudley mike at clancircle.com
Sun May 6 18:28:24 PDT 2007

Managed to get the pictures edited and uploaded today.  The ones that
survived the editing process can be found in the usual place in my gallery.

The direct link is:

As usual, I will be posting my favorites and comments on my blog:

I want to appologize to the rapier fighters, and youth boffers,and
equestrians, for not getting pictures of them.  I missed a lot of that while
trying to shoot archery  (didn't really get any pictures of the archers
either LOL).  Basicly I got pictures of court, and the chiv list.

- Mike (aka Lord Collwyn O'Snowdon)
  casualgeek at gmail.com

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