[Ansteorra] Vigils for White Scarves

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You are indeed a wise woman, Countess Kat! 

Llywelyn sends his regards and only wishes that he had said "Do me Now!"
and wishes that he had been granted the honor then and there. However,
that famous quote from Mistress 'Stacia occurred at the same Defender
court, a month later. Your radiant beauty (and the rather oppressive
heat) had robbed him of his wits and he did not have the strength to say
you naught.

I used to call Llywelyn my "etiquette and protocol droid" for he was the
one who made sure that everything in our courts and any courts that he
heralded were handled in the absolutely correct manner. His ceremony was
held during the morning court and he had no Peers speak for him (as far
as either of us can remember). It was simple, yet moving. I seem to
recall the Order was called up, then Llywelyn was called forward. 

We both remember that he was offered a vigil, but he strongly believed
that the vigil should be reserved for the Peerages.

In Service,

Mistress Xene 

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Interesting topic... 

Not every queen works the same with her circle, but I remember several
Dons counseling me to offer Don Llewelyn the opportunity for a vigil. 
I'm a sucker for traditions. :)  Of course ECID (every crown is
different) and they don't all listen to the same advisors.

Yes, the White Scarf "ranks" the same as a Centurion as far as the OP is
concerned, but the Order of the White Scarf has existed far longer (15
yrs?) and is honored in this kingdom as the pinnacle of achievement in
the rapier community.  In my experience, we have often respected our
Dons by allowing them many of the small honors reserved for peerages -
such as having peers speak for them during the award ceremony, etc..  I
know I've seen that done more than a few times.

Of course, we also elevated Don Timothy, so his ceremony (held in the
North) could be contributing to the confusion.  There was only one event
between Yule, where we offered him the Scarf - and our stepping down.  I
can't remember if we decided or he decided that the elevation would
happen there at Yule Revel, but his family and friends were all present,
and he was impeccably dressed, so I'm thinking (I'm hoping) he didn't
mind. ;)

~ Kat MacLochlainn

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