[Ansteorra] Vigils for White Scarves

Chris Zakes dontivar at gmail.com
Tue May 8 05:55:55 PDT 2007

At 09:18 PM 5/7/2007, you wrote:

>Perhaps the point here is that not all grant level awards as equal as the
>next.  Where have I heard something similar?
>Arc d'Or

Well, yes-and-no. In the Ansteorran Order of Precedence, a White 
Scarf has the same rank as a Centurion, an Iris, a Star of Merit and 
an Arc d'Or. In reality, since the Centurion (armored combat) the 
Iris (A&S) and the Star of Merit (service) all have higher-level 
awards available, they don't tend to have quite as much prestige as 
the White Scarf or the Arc d'Or.

And since the White Scarf has been around for 28 years and is now 
used in 12 different kingdoms, it does tend to have quite a bit of 
prestige. But if a group of people were lining up in precedence 
order, baby-Don Pointjock who got his White Scarf two weeks ago, 
would still line up behind Gilli, who got his Arc d'Or, Iris and Star 
years ago.

         -Tivar Moondragon

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