[Ansteorra] White Scarves and a big ole kettle of fish

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I ,for one, consider White Scarves to be my peers.  I wish the SCA at large 
would get with the times.(that was an anchronistic pun...hehe)

Sir Corwin

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> Zubeydah asked:
>> Why *isn't* there a peerage for rapier combat?
>> or
>> Why isn't the order of the chivalry for all kinds of combat, both heavy
>> and
>> light, archery, and thrown weaponry?
> The short answer is the legal maxim: "The life of the law has not been
> logic; it has been experience."
> The group of people who eventually became the SCA knighted somebody at 
> their
> first event.  So there is knighthood.
> Two years later, they established the Order of the Laurel, for 
> non-fighting
> contributions, which very quickly meant A&S or service.
> Several years later, it became clear that the Laurel was really a group of
> workers and a group of artists, pretending to be one group.  So the 
> Pelican
> was founded, and some service Laurels switched.
> No new peerages have been created since then, more than thirty years ago.
> Fencing isn't even legal in all kingdoms, and is looked down on in some in
> which it *is* legal.  (Sometimes for valid reasons.  An activity will
> eventually get the reputation that the people involved in it deserve.)
> Since it isn't universally respected, an SCA-wide peerage cannot be
> established.  There are other reasons, but this one is sufficient.
> But that's OK.  Tivar, Ansgar, Miguel, and I (and all the other White
> Scarves) don't get respect from the precedence level of our fencing Order;
> instead, the White Scarf gains respect from us and what we do.
> People who only get respect based on their awards get very little respect
> indeed.
> Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin
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