[Ansteorra] Melee/War practice at Warlord on Sunday Morning 05-27-2007

Mike meggiddo at netzero.net
Tue May 8 17:27:28 PDT 2007


Yes, there will be Melee practice at Warlord on Sunday morning, start
time is 10 AM.

Armor Inspection will start at 9 AM.
Armor inspection will similar to that at Gulf Wars - meaning if you
were inspected on Saturday for the Warlord Tournament, then you
are Ok.

Spears, fiberglass spears, and other pole arms will need to be
inspect on Sunday morning.

Combat Archery inspection will start at 9 AM.

Per Central Regional Knight Marshal, Authorizations can be done
there as well - at least on the heavy side.

If there are individuals who wish to become authorized as Combat
Archers (CA) - then you will need to contact one of the Authorizing
MIssile Marshals, which is in the back of the Black Star or on line.

In keeping with providing more opportunities for fighting, since
Saturday was all about Tournament - to balanced out the weekend for the
pure fun and joy - let there be Melees.

There will be scenarios and as well as opportunity to receive
instruction, especially from lessons learned from this past Gulf Wars.
The Central Regional Knight Marshal, Sior Tomas, along with others are
in the process of working up various scenarios as well as instruction.

So, if you have not got enough fighting in on Saturday and to be honest
- Saturday should have just wet your thirst for battle but not quenched
it - after all, it is all about the Fighting!!!

Then you will have another opportunity to get in some more - only in a
different format, just to keep things fresh and up todate.

And to increase the various scenarios - we are planning on including
Combat Archery. So if there are anyone out there who are thinking about
taking the field against our foes of old at Gulf War next year. Now is
the time to step up, get in some more practice or even better yet,
increase the ranks of the combat archers of the Sable KIngdom of
Ansteorra by getting authorized at this Melee practice. Seek out those
Authorizing Marshals for Missile Combat and start working with them.

Thus, increasing one more Melee opportunity for one and all.

The goal is to work on tactics we can use at melee events and GW in
particular and have FUN doing it!

Remember that three letter word - "FUN"!

Ld Michael Kettering
Steppes KM
Missile Marshal at Large

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