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Judie Willey littledragon0861 at gmail.com
Wed May 9 06:33:35 PDT 2007

I was asked what tyope of classes we want to offer...so here is a small

Fiber Arts: basic weaving, basic spinning, kumihomo ( hope I am spelling it
right) lucet, blackwork, beading etc

Bardic Arts for Beginners

Calligraphy and Scribal for beginners

creating a Period encampment

creating a period meal ( we wont have cooking facilities....but this could
be a hand out type class)

Peer Fear

Heraldry Basics...how to 's on creating and developing your persona

Modern photography for period events ( thanks Caelin...really want you to
teach this)

SCA History 101

Ansteorra History 101
 Guide to Awards in ansteorra and how to write a letter of reccomendation

OK those are just a few...any more ideas are welcome...as are teaching

On 5/9/07, Judie Willey <littledragon0861 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Greetings unto the Kingdom Of Ansteorra!!!
> Steppes Artisan is on it's way. July 28,2007.
> We have quite the day for you , as we are having the Elevation to Laurel
> for not one but 2 of our artisans, Catherine Rose Oliver and Melicende de
> Barcelona to the Order of the Laurel.
> We are also planning on a Collegium during Artisan.
> I have had several people  tell me they would be happy  to teach classes,
> but we can always use more.
> The do not have to be A&S classes...I would love to see some classes on
> SCA History, Fighting History etc.  I also would love to see some classes on
> Basic Bardic, as well as the various arts.
> Please contact me if you can teach, with details of your class, size
> limits ( if any) and any costs so that I may get them scheduled and also
> place the announcement of classes in the July Black Star.
> We have 5 classrooms available for our use...so get your classes to me
> soon.
> Thank you
> --
> Rebbe Hadassah Sarai bas Yossi
> MoC Barony of Steppes
> Event Steward, Steppes Artisan

Rebbe Hadassah Sarai bas Yossi
MoC Barony of Steppes

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