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What ever happened to parental responsibility to get
to know the person with whom your children are
spending so much unsupervised time? 

If the SCA had done a background check this man may
have slipped through the cracks. If he'd never been
accused of a crime, he'd have a clean record. As for
having 2 unrelated people conducting the activities,
these children stayed overnight at the man's house
often. The parents knew or should have known the
children were alone with the man. Parents are
responsible for knowing who the children will be with.

As a parent I am always cautious who my children spend
time with, especially if that time is unsupervised. I
want to know the parents of my daughters' friends and
know them for a while before I'm comfortable with my
girls sleeping over somewhere. Even at church
activities, I would be uncomfortable with someone
wanting time alone with one of my daughters. Camps are
checked out before they are enrolled. It just seems to
make sense to know who your children are spending time
with. But since common sense seems to have died
several years back, perhaps that would explain a lot.

Lady Tabitha Baker

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> > Reading through the news article, it appears to
> *me* that the parents 
> > are suing the SCA because it's got deeper pockets
> than the 
> > predator--sort of like suing the gun manufacturer
> because you got 
> > shot by a robber--rather than accepting the fact
> that both they and 
> > the SCA were duped by this predator. Looking at
> the website of the 
> > law firm that is representing the abused kids, the
> phrase "ambulance 
> > chasers" keeps coming to mind.
> > 
> I am in concurrence with this.  
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