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Sun May 13 12:07:08 PDT 2007

On May 13, 2007, at 1:33 PM, HLDarcy wrote:

> Please, please, please, everyone.
> We don't know all the circumstances of what happened.  Let's not  
> fall into
> the "blame the victim" mode; Which seems to be all to frequently what
> happens in any kind of sexual assault or abuse case.
> Darcy

Who is "blaming the victim"? I haven't heard one person blame the  

The parents aren't the victim. They in fact may be accessories to the  
crime through their negligence. Right now they are hiding behind the  
shield laws while their lawyers do their best to try this case in  
public. The first article I was pointed to, last week, was a very  
biased, one-sided "news" article that appears to have been written by  
the law firm.

If the law firm, under the control of these parents, is going to do  
this, then it is fair for the organization or the people in it, to  
react and question why they are being accused of causing this crime.

If, has been alluded to, the parents did bring their concerns to the  
SCA officers, and there was sufficient evidence to back their  
comments up, and the SCA didn't investigate it, then we have done  
wrong and need to improve our procedures and attitude.

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