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At 10:27 PM 5/12/2007, you wrote:

>Another article said these children spent the night at his 
>house.  Much as I love the friends I have made in the SCA, I am 
>pretty particular where my kids spend the night.
>As far as SCA activities, I have always camped with my children and 
>family, and at youth activities there is always more than one 
>adult.  And they are in the open, during the day at scheduled 
>events.  I also thought that any SCA "sanctioned" event could not be 
>at a personal residence.  I guess I am hard pressed to see where 
>this is the SCA's fault.  Back ground checks could help, as a Den 
>Mother in the Boy Scouts we had to have them, but it is still a 
>parent's responsibility to see to their children.  And there are 
>very few people I trust with something so precious as my boys. Don't 
>get me wrong, I am really sorry for what these kids went through,and 
>I pray nothing like this ever happens to mine or anyone I know.
>Maybe I just think differently, but I know where my kids are, and it 
>is not spending the night at a single man's house.

Part of the problem, of course, is that the standard operating 
procedure for sexual predators is "gain their trust, then abuse it." 
If this character spent a couple of years in the SCA developing a 
reputation as someone who *can* be trusted with kids (which is 
likely, since he is reported to have been the head of their Pages' 
School) then it's not too surprising that parents were letting their 
kids spend the night at his house.

On the other hand, some of the Rialto comments suggested that some of 
the kids may have been SCA "orphans"--kids interested in the SCA, but 
whose parents weren't interested--which implies that the parents 
*didn't* know him very well, if at all. I've no idea if the parents 
who are suing fall into that group or not.

I can't blame the parents for being upset and angry that their kids 
were hurt and abused. I *do* question whether a lawsuit against the 
SCA is the best way to deal with that anger. (It may also be worth 
pointing out that *if* this lawsuit goes to trial, and *if* the SCA 
loses, then the lawyers, not the parents, are going to be the ones 
who profit the most. Look at who made money in the tobacco lawsuits 
that were all over the news a few years ago.)

         -Tivar Moondragon

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