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I agree completely.  Yes, predators can slip through the background checks, but
that does not make them pointless.  If one predator does not slip through, it
was worth it.  That is one less molested child.  

As to blaming the parents for suing the SCA - reading the article, it appears
this man represented himself as a higher officer over children’s activities and
represented the activities at his parent’s residence as official SCA meetings. 
It appears several kids would spend the night there and perhaps there were even
other adults present.  He may have drawn his target off into a separate room at
some point.  We don’t know.  

What we do know is that as an officer representing the SCA with regards to
children’s activities, he put himself in an SCA sanctioned position of implied
trust over children.   It is sad that parents can no longer trust ANYONE with
their kids, even at a group function.  

So, back when I was MOC for my local group about 4-5 years ago (and shortly
after an incident involving inappropriate touching of a minor in a nearby
group), I campaigned up the ‘ladder’ to have background checks for all MOC

It was sent to the SCA lawyers who replied that the SCA would not do background
checks or even check public databases for convicted child molesters because if
it did so, and then someone that they had approved molested a child, the SCA
would be liable (I should go back to see if I still have the email with the
exact text). 

Seemed backwards to me since they could have been held liable either way (to my
thinking - ‘minister of children’ sure sounds like someone the SCA authorizes
to work with kids) and checking the background or the public database would
help protect the child (which is really the issue to me, not if the SCA is
liable or not). 

Now this has happened. 

I blame myself for not pursuing this harder. 

Still, I cannot emphasize enough the need for parents to teach Stranger Danger
within the SCA. Just because someone is wearing a tunic, it does not mean they
are safe. It should, in a perfect world, but we all know how that dream ends.
My dream of a perfect SCA is not worth a child’s innocence and safety. 

-Robin Anderson of Ross

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My wife is a nurse- she was just fingerprinted and mug shot
I am a teacher- soon my fingerprints will be on file
We are both foster parents thru Texas CPS- our whole past has been  inspected
I work with the Cub Scouts- inspected again
My wife teaches Sunday school- background check again
Now if we were to volunteeer to work with kids in the SCA- one more check ?  
It seems the only people who would object to background checks and mug  shots 
and fingerprinting are those who have something to hide.  We live in  a 
litigation society with everybody looking for the deep pockets to pay for the  
house inside the gated community and to buy that new Hummer.  In the  past a 
person was considered innocent until proven guilty- today you are guilty  until

proven innocent. 
Sorry if I ramble but this story pushed so many buttons on many different  
Where were the parents? What responibility do they play in this tragedy?  Has 
common sense completely broken down and been replaced with " It's not my  
fault I was stupid- but some one is going to pay".
The SCA was once isolated from these mundane problems? No way, they  have 
always been there, lurking just under the cover of decency.  The  real problem 
that the politicians and the ACLU consider child abuse an  illness instead of 
a crime. Every time I see one of these stories, I feel like I  want to find a 
rope and a large tree for the violators of our innocents.
I'm going back to bed- by the way " HAPPY MOTHERS DAY" to all the SCA moms-  
watch your kids- never take your eyes off of them. Guard them close and 
provide  them with knifes and good information when at events.
Bors of Lothian  
Baron Loch  Soillier
Malleus et Deus

Robin Craig

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