[Ansteorra] Bad things

Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Mon May 14 08:49:21 PDT 2007

There's a lot of discussion on this list about issues I have no interest in, and no right to an opinion on, because I don't have the data and I'm not party to it.

1. I cannot judge the parents; I don't have the data.

2. I don't care whether they sue, or whether they win -- the corporate money is just not that important to me.  Corporate money exists to protect and serve us; we don't exist to protect the money.

3. I'm not party to any court case or other issue in Pennsylvania.  I have no influence over, or knowledge of, how they ran their events and their groups.

I'm not party to these issues, and they are off-topic for this list.  This is not a general SCA list, and it's not an East Kingdom list, and it's not a gossip list.  It's an Ansteorran list.

The relevant topic on the Ansteorra list is this:   What do we need to change to protect our children?  We *are* party to running events and groups in Texas and Oklahoma.

It's a lot harder topic than making up guesses about a situation when we don't have enough information, or gossiping about a situation we cannot control, but it has infinitely more value.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin 

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