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When I lived in Ealdormere shortly after this incident happened here is the
policy that they put in place, very similar to what other folks have
discussed about with the Boy Scouts.  First, a parent (who is not the MOC of
that event/activity) who wishes to have their children participate in these
activities must be willing to volunteer to participate with their children.
This gave the two deep that other people were talking about.  Parents
rotated this volunteer position among themselves during the event, usually
volunteering a minimum of one hour and then passing it on to the next parent
on this volunteer list.  If you didn't volunteer then your child(ren) could
not participate in that activity.  In other words, the MOC was never the
only adult supervisor there.

Don't know if we do that here or not but it is a thought.  Perhaps this
needs to be Kingdom policy.  And require that the parent volunteer sign up
sheets (initialed by the parent and the MOC when they check in for duty)
should become a part of the official record for that event and retained on

They had some other check in and check out policies for the children but I
don't think they apply to the current situation we're discussing.  Mostly
about keeping track of which kids belonged to which parent(s).

Robert de Bray

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Okay, Ill bite on this one.

What policies or procedures (if any) can local groups initiate of their 
own accord? And how can those procedures be made effective as protection 
against liability or prosecution's? (What I mean on that last question 
is this: Sure, we can practice the "two Deep" policy all we want, but 
how much liability coverage/protection does it afford if its not 
documented, or not following a pre-established curriculum.)

Untimately, my core question here is what do we HAVE to wait on the BOD 
for and what can we do on our own and at what level?

Lord Ivo Blackhawk

Jay Rudin wrote:
> The relevant topic on the Ansteorra list is this:   What do we need to
change to protect our children?  We *are* party to running events and groups
in Texas and Oklahoma.
> It's a lot harder topic than making up guesses about a situation when we
don't have enough information, or gossiping about a situation we cannot
control, but it has infinitely more value.
> Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin 
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