[Ansteorra] Bad things

Faelan Caimbeul faelancaimbeul at gmail.com
Mon May 14 13:38:55 PDT 2007

> "The first option would be to require parents to be physically present at
> any
> and all SCA activities involving their child. This also means that
> children
> of any age under 18 would have to be in the physical presence of their
> parent at all times. If the parents are present and involved in the same
> activity as their minor child then if something wrong does happen it would
> most likely not be the SCA who is at fault."

In my own non-lawyer, non-parental opinion, I like the idea, but I just
don't see it working in practice. The main reason is the mentality of many
of the parents that use children's activities as a babysitting service. We
have had many, rather heated, discussion about this in our group and the
opinion of many is that the two fold parents rotating out responsibility is
a great idea. I fully support it, it forces the parents  to take
responsibility for their children, along with safegarding the children. As
an extension of this concept, the idea had been put forth a while back of
making a "babysitting service" that is solely manned by parents that rotate
shifts in order to have their own children use the service. The MOC is NOT
involved in this, it's purely the perview of the parents, run by the
parents, and the sole responsibility OF the parents. The question of fault
if anything happens in any of these situations still rests, as always, in
the hands of impassioned pleas and slick lawyers.

"The second option would be to change the waivers signed by each adult who
> brings a child with them waiving the SCA of any and all legal
> responsibilities to the safety and well being of this child and taking on
> themselves all such responsibilities."

Check out the Kingdom MOC page. http://children.ansteorra.org/guidelines.php
The SCA already has the waivers you mention. The parents must sign these
before their children are allowed into an event. It's the "you assume all
responsibility for anything and everything that happens to you" waiver. I
believe that they must do that at every event, regardless of blue cards or
not, but I'm not sure. However, judging from what I've seen over the years
with other mundane companies and organizations, with the right lawyer, that
waiver means nothing, hence the lawsuits continue.

The third option is to become very strict on the policy all ready in place
> that does not allow children or teens to be dropped off for any activity
> in
> any regard involving the SCA, if there is not a legal guarding present
> with
> a signed and notarized waiver.

Parents are already required to sign and sign out their children at any MOC


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