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Judie Willey littledragon0861 at gmail.com
Mon May 14 14:46:32 PDT 2007

> OK...As the Steppes MoC , and as a parent who has raised 4 kids in the
> SCA,I feel it is time to put in my 2 shekels worth on this issue.

This has been going on in discussion on several different lists for some
time now.

1) Regardless of age...no child should be just turned loose at an event.
Even if you are a parent of teenagers you still need to take responsibility
for your child's whereabouts and actions .
 Now I am not saying that you need to be 5 feet from your child at all times
( except maybe the real little ones) but you do need to know where they are,
who they are with and what they are doing.

2) While I am not blaming the victim's here, I am also not defending the
alleged perpetrator . BUT no parent should be allowing there child to spend
the night alone at another adults home...especially when there is only one
adult in the home ( male or female) without knowing who is going to be there
( other than the adult and child) , who this adult is the child is with, why
they are staying there and without really knowing that adult.  I know of a
circumstance in another kingdom...no names mentioned, where an adult male
was preying on the young ladies who were 16 and 17  ...and making them feel
too guilty to go to another adult. The circumstances came to my attention
when one of the girls came to me for advice...but she wouldn't press charges
as she was ashamed of herself, and felt she had done something wrong.

3) Know who your child is spending time with!!! This should go for ANY
organization your child is involved in, not just the SCA. We personally
insist that our 16 yr old give us the names addresses and phone numbers of
all of his friend's as well as the parent's names...and even at 16 he is not
to be at another teens home unsupervised by an adult ( and I am not
referring to an 18 yr old brother or sister either)

and Last!!! Please do not use the MoC's office as a baby sitting service!!!
Sign you child in and out of all events...and make sure they have clear,
concise identification visible in case of emergency

Off my soapbox now

I remain Yours in Service,

> Rebbe Hadassah Sarai bas Yossi
> MoC Barony of Steppes
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