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>The first option would be to require parents to be physically present at any
>and all SCA activities involving their child. This also means that children
>of any age under 18 would have to be in the physical presence of their
>parent at all times. If the parents are present and involved in the same
>activity as their minor child then if something wrong does happen it would
>most likely not be the SCA who is at fault.

To be blunt, that's completely unworkable, and we'd lose 90% of the 
parents if such a policy was put in place.

Let's say it's a typical fighting event: I'm either fighting or 
marshalling, my lady wife may be watching, marshalling or running the 
list. You're saying that one of us must spend the whole day following 
our kids around, or else the kids have to spend the whole day sitting 
under our pavillion. You're also pretty much saying thast the kids 
have to stay in a group--that the fifteen year old can't go help out 
in the kitchen while the twelve year old is running fighter cards 
between the heralds and the list mistress and the eight year old is 
at the playground.

That might work if the kid is small enough to stay in a playpen, but 
do you really think the average ten year old (not to mention a 
sixteen or seventeen year old) is going to want to spend the whole 
day just *sitting* there? Alternatively, if the only thing I'm doing 
at the event is following my kids, what's the point of going to the 
event--I can do that at home or in a local park with a lot less hassle.

>The second option would be to change the waivers signed by each adult who
>brings a child with them waiving the SCA of any and all legal
>responsibilities to the safety and well being of this child and taking on
>themselves all such responsibilities.

<shrug> The waivers *already* say that.

>The third option is to become very strict on the policy all ready in place
>that does not allow children or teens to be dropped off for any activity in
>any regard involving the SCA, if there is not a legal guarding present with
>a signed and notarized waiver. If a minor is left unattended at an event,
>meeting, or practice with out a parent or legal guardian then that minor
>should be remanded to the local authorities until the parent can be located
>to pick them up.

Having a parent or legal guardian present is already the policy for 
official events. Now where do you draw the line between, say, a guild 
meeting published in the local newsletter and inviting my daughter's 
sixteen or seventeen year old friend over to do some fighting in the 
back yard, or costuming up in the sewing room? If we're fighting 
using SCA rules or making SCA clothes does that still qualify as "any 
activity in any regard involving the SCA"?

>The fourth option is to require background checks of all individuals who
>work with minors (MOCs, Youth Marshals, Chirurgeons, etc.) Then to limit
>those adults who take place is children's and youth activities to people who
>have passed the required background check.

The Board is already working on a background check policy. But 
frankly, requiring a background check for someone whose sole 
interaction with children is marshalling them on the field in front 
of the Crown, the Baron and dozens populace members is absurd. Next 
you'll be saying that you need a background check before you can 
accept water from an underage waterbearer.

>Please remember that this is only my opinion and does not reflect in any way
>the official opinion of  the Crown, Kingdom or SCA. I know that these
>options seem rather harsh and that there would be some uncomfortable
>adjustments especially with teens, and parents who are used to allowing
>their child to run free...but what is needed for a child's safety is some
>absolutism in the creation and implementation of policies. What we are
>looking for here is the safety of the children and the continuation of the
>SCA brought forth in the best way possible.

Just how many sexual predators do you think there *are* in the SCA? 
These kinds of policies might be necessary if our kids were routinely 
being subjected to this sort of thing, but as it is, I think you're 
overreacting just a bit.

         -Tivar Moondragon

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